Ukrainian brands come together to promote their products and services to the world

Dozens of Ukrainian brands have come together for the #SpendWithUkraine initiative to promote their products and services to the world. The companies are organized into eight categories on the Spend With Ukraine website: gadgets, products, education, creativity, lifestyle, fashion, home, and services. Some of the notable brands include Petcube, Ajax Systems, Grammarly, Preply, Depositphotos, Reface, and Awesomic. The initiative was started by Petcube and includes a campaign on ProductHunt and a promotional video. The goal is to encourage people from abroad to buy Ukrainian products, thereby supporting the Ukrainian economy. According to Andrey Klen, co-founder of a design firm, spending on Ukraine supports the economy and military. He says, “Economies win wars, not armies,” and believes that it’s important to help boost the Ukrainian economy.