Dress code in billiards: how to dress correctly for the game

In billiard during international and national competitions there is a strict dress code — players who wear clothes and accessories, which differ from the established ones, are usually not allowed to participate, regardless of their type (snooker, Russian, carambola). And it’s not so much to make it easier for spectators to watch players, or to avoid damaging the cloth, boards, and elements of clothing. The special dress code is a tradition that neither novices nor professionals with world titles are allowed to break.

Billiards is not originally a man’s game and a kind of sport, just remember at least Masako Katsura. That is why ladies often take part in tournaments as well. Unlike men, women have much more freedom in their choice of clothing. Casual style is considered standard and classic, i.e. practical clothes which do not restrict movement. A strict dress with a few accessories that do not interfere with the game is also acceptable. However, there are some unwritten restrictions:

  • No vulgar attire is allowed — T-shirts, dresses in frank necklines, miniskirts, etc.
  • No sporty shoes or “flip-flops” are allowed.
  • You should not play with long, loose hair, although this is more of a tribute to a rival or opponent than a prohibition.

Interestingly, unlike men, women do not require monochrome attire — a dress with patterns, different colours, leopard or tiger prints is possible. If we refer to the records of international women’s billiards competitions, we can find even more original clothing options.

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